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Ask Jess: Working with the Third Eye Chakra

Question: Hey there, Pretty Lady. I am just starting to learn to meditate, thanks to your readings and guidance, but I also see everywhere about opening the third eye. I have questions. Could you do a blog about your experience opening the third eye and what we might expect? Some people say it opens darkness, that you see aliens and shadows. Some people say that they see only beautiful light and have vivid dreams and it has basically pushed them into a more positive space. Is there a cautionary tale here? Just so you know, I tried one of the meditations from YouTube last night, the musical ones that are supposed to open the third eye. I felt my forehead itch at first, then it seguewayed into feeling a lot of pressure. I found it hard to relax because I didn’t know what to expect, I got scared and I stopped. I don’t feel any effects today, that I know of. Would you care to share on your blog? Thanks for all you do Lovely Lady. Love and Light


Answer: First it is totally common to feel itchy in between your eyebrows when you are working with the third eye. It is also common to feel the pressure you felt, as well as tingling sensations, warmth and more. Everyone’s experience is different, so no worries if what you are experiencing is different than what someone else has.

When it comes to working with the third eye, any chakra or energy system and the like – it is important to set your intention. It is also important to ask your guides to protect you and only allow you to see/hear and experience what you are looking to experience.

If we don’t set intentions and protect ourselves, then we may experience a wide variety of sorts. That is probably why so many people say to have experienced such different things. Plus, your intentions might be different than those of someone else. If someone wants to see darkness or negative stuffs, then they probably will because they allowed it to come through. However, if you want to only see light, love and maybe even loved ones who have passed on – then you make that your intention and follow it through. Only allowing what you want – by setting boundaries – is the best way to go about any spiritual or intuitive work.

Next time you try a third eye meditation, take a few minutes before to set your intention, set up your protection and also verbalize (or think to yourself) what your boundaries are. They will listen and abide by them. Then turn the meditation music on and try to focus on breathing. If you get overwhelmed again, you can always stop but you can also take that moment to look into why you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel the pressure again or that sense of fear or being overwhelmed, take a minute to step back by bringing your attention back into your room/space. Then quietly to yourself think about the fear – what was it? What did it feel like? Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions and get answers. Chances are you can use this new intel to your advantage going forward because you will know what to expect and how best to handle any fears that come up.

You are already doing a great job with your meditation and using your third eye. Just by taking the time to meditate you created something positive for yourself. Then you added more awesome to it by having awareness and mindfulness in the moment. You recognized these feelings and sensations. And lastly, when you felt pressure and some fear – you took a step back instead of forcing yourself to continue – which would have likely made you feel more uncomfortable. So, big kudos to you!

Keep up the great work going forward and utilize your ability to set boundaries, add protection, and set intentions to your advantage. You got the power. 😊

Lots of Love & Light,


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